Multiplex Services

Multiplex Platform:

The Multiplex technology opens the door to many applications in human healthcare and creates huge opportunities for innovative findings (e.g. serological signatures). InfYnity Biomarkers has proven the power of this multiparametric technology by identifying an innovative Chagas biomarker to monitor treatment failure/success:

  • Zrein M. et al. (2018) A novel antibody surrogate biomarker to monitor parasite persistence in Trypanosoma cruzi-infected patients. PNTD 12(2): e0006226.
  • GranjonE. et al. (2016) Development of a Novel Multiplex Immunoassay Multi-cruzi for the Serological Confirmation of Chagas Disease. PNTD 10(4): e0004596.
Platform Parameters Advantages in comparison with ELISA monoplex
96-well microplate format ADVANTAGE 3

Enriching information

Scan in one short up to 100 different proteins ( antigens, antibodies,..) in duplicate ADVANTAGE 4

Outcome significance

Highly informative profile in single well ADVANTAGE 5


Multiplex is 8X more sensitive as monoplex ( detection limit at high sample dilution )

Results can be read either visually or through a reader

multiplex service applications,multiplex service target market

Identification and comparison between different biomarkers Biomarker Discovery
Pollutants ( e.g. pesticides)
Immunoprofiling Vaccination
Patient stratification
Drug treatments
Fine-tune the composition of antigens mix Achieve better specificity and sensitivity
Identify antigen causing a false reactivity
Replacing an antigen in the mix

In Vitro Diagnostic infectiology
Neurodegenerative Disease
Metabolic Disease
Cardiovascular Disease
Pharmaceutical Immunotherapy monitoring
Drug/Vaccine companion
Food Industry Food analysis
Environment Toxicology